Our Expertise

While Bozail has continued to serve a vast and varied portfolio of public and private sector accounts in both local and international markets, over the years it has earned an expertise and specialization in product advertising and packaging. The agency was quick not only to seize the new business opportunities that emerged with the explosive growth of the food products sector in the early 2000s but also adapted and innovated to fulfill the characteristic demands of this industry, as different from mainstream advertising. Further, as Bozail has further expanded into other territories is still a force to be reckoned with when it comes to product packaging and advertisement.

Professional, with Style

Captivating audience through a proper combination of words and visuals is our aim. We work by the Win-Win philosophy. Our job is making sure that the bridge we make between customer and product is smooth as silk so that people come to adore your product.

Media Planning/Buying

Today’s market is all about promoting your product to your potential clients. With this target to achieve, designing a well-conceived advertising campaign is your tool. We believe in providing you maximum ROI with our skills and experience in Media Planning & Buying . With minimum cost spent by you, you will be provided with maximum output.

Marketing Assets and Research

With proper knowledge about nature of your target market along with its size and SWOT analysis of your product helps us to hit the mind of audience. Not only this, our focus is on Sales Research, Product Research, Advertising Research and Business Economic Research as well.


Production Studio

Reaching your audience in an influential manner is possible through videos in advertising. Our idea behind providing production services for TVC, Documentary, 2D/3D Animation is “emotion is created through motion”.

Creative team

Our creative team is one of a kind, willing and able to handle the most grueling of tasks. No matter how stressing they may be. We are capable of delivering the most demanding of tasks, while being able to deliver before deadline.

Client Service

Our client service managers are dedicated employees who understand your needs and take care of your brand image. They ensure smooth communication b/w your brand and our designers to bring out the best result. We can ensure the safety and prosperity of your brand in our hands.